Our size chart is intended to act as a guide only. Children come in many shapes and sizes. Please contact us if you require additional sizing information.
Size by age Height cm Height in. Weight lb Weight Kg
0-3mth 56-62 24 13lb 6kg
3-6mth 64-68 27 17lb 8kg
6-12mth 72-80 31 22lb 10kg
12-18mth 82-84 33 24lb 11kg
18-24mth 86-88 35 26lb 12kg
Size by age Height cm Height in.
2Y 92 36
3Y 98 39
4Y 104 41
5Y 110 43
6Y 116 46
8Y 128 50
10Y 140 55
12Y 152 60
14Y 164 65


With the correct care, our clothing will last your family for generations. Please be sure to read the care label on your garment for specific wash instructions. In general, we recommend you wash at 30 degrees whereever possible. Many of our garments can be tumble-dried on a cool setting, but we do recommend for nui knitwear that you lay flat to dry out of direct sunlight. Most of our garments can be ironed on a cool setting. Use an approved liquid wool detergent and avoid laundry powders and bleach.


Pilling refers to the tiny wool 'balls' or fuzz that may form on your merino garments with wear. This is a natural process and is caused by short fibers migrating to the surface. These are easily removed with a 'de-pilling' comb and once removed they will generally stop forming after one or two washes.